Carbon Dust


Although life has almost been entirely consumed by anatomy lectures and dissections, I always calm right down when I get to pick up a pencil and draw. Learned a new technique last week in class called carbon dust. Surprisingly been pretty neat considering the black mess I created shaving carbon pencils. My first stab at this and it’s taking time to get familiar with certain brush strokes I want.  Above you can see that I’m currently working on the brachial plexus in the upper arm. No where near done but just a little preview of what’s to come!

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Fallen Angels

(Images via Look in Art and Avax News)

The Anatomy of an Angel was created by Damien Hirst back in 2008 out of carrara marble. From the back you’d mistaken it for another sculpted angel until you see the skin has been chiseled away to show the some underlying organs, bones, and muscles. The last few images here show his other collection “Myth and Legend” created in 2011. After sharks, sheep and cows in formaldehyde, he moved onto some mythical creatures. Legend, whose name immediately reminds me of Pegasus, is a winged horse that has been partly surgically flayed, showing superficial/deep muscle and bone. The other is a unicorn called Myth, with skin resected from its two legs. Not sure if these horses are still in Chatsworth, England, but I’d love to see these in person. From pictures they look eerily majestic and even more captivating with exposed tissue. I’m a major equine fan.

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Let’s Smooch


While studying anatomy I came across Alex Grey’s paintings from his Progress of the Soul Collection. He’s best known for his psychedelic and spiritual feel with his use of colours and patterns. His paintings show figures in a variety of postures including kissing, copulating, birth, praying, and death. It’s hard to not feel pulled into his intricate layers of anatomy and his use of light giving its sublime feel. Now to pull away and continue studying anatomy. Hope you felt a moment of captivation like I did.


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A Skull Study

This is a skull I drew a while back from a plastic skull model. There are a lot more parts to a human skull than the ones that I’ve labelled but I’ve highlighted the main sutures, bone structures, and foramina you’d find. Getting my hands on a human skull that is in good shape can be hard without all the missing teeth and chipped jaw parts. Will be adding this to my portfolio tab here. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Hope you all had a happy weekend!

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Comics & Medical Illustrators

Comics and Medicine Conference 2012 at the University of Toronto

Illuminate Conference 2012 – Annually hosted by the Association of Medical Illustrators at Toronto Delta Chelsea Hotel

Last month was a busy month for medical illustrators. A comics and medicine conference followed by the Illuminate conference hosted annually by the Association of Medical Illustrators. I went to both as much my work schedule permitted. During that time I didn’t start my masters yet so I literally threw myself into the pool of prominent illustrators hoping I wouldn’t drown. I think the perk of being attending these types of conferences is that everything looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. A wonderland for my eyes. That and almost everyone in the room draws or doodles in their sketchbook. It was an incredible sight since doodling would normally seem rude cause others think you’re bored to death. I think I’ve found my niche!!

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(Image via Scientific American)

This is an illustration that won the Ralph Sweet Award – Best of Show for 2009 currently being showcased at MaRS for the Association of Medical Illustrator’s annual conference in Toronto, ON. I adore horses and it’s incredible to see the intricacies of their respiratory tracts.

This week has been absolutely crazy, attending the Comics & Medicine conference followed by the Association of Medical Illustrator’s (AMI) annual conference all happening in Toronto. I have to fit it all in my normal work and volunteering hours and not to mention trying to enjoy the Beaches Jazz festival also at the Toronto Beaches. It’s a good time to be in Toronto right now. Unfortunately I can’t attend all the talks for the AMI conference but I’ve been volunteering as much as I can to submerge myself in the field. Mind you I haven’t even started my masters so sitting in some of these is way beyond my knowledge. Still, it’s amazing to be exposed to this field of medical illustrations, comics, and graphic design so early on. I’ll share with you this weekend what I’ve thought of the Comics & Medicine conference. And of course share what I can about the AMI conference as well. I’ll throw in some jazz festival pictures for those interested. Stay tuned if you please!

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The aviation machinery

(Images via PINE)

People ask Diana Beltran Herrera what birds are made of on the inside. And well… she cut and showed you the inner machinery.

Little by little I am finding the way to discover what they are made of.

That’s what this talented Columbian artist wrote after posting these incredible birds on Flickr. The detail and the use of vinyl film to transparently show the inner organs just makes me love this work more and more. Herrera definitely showcases her paper cutting talent and assembly when it comes to birds. You have to check out her work! Click here and here.
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Curled up with a book

(Images via cureledupwithabook)

I love these covers that White Book’s did for some of these classic books. I remember reading them when was a wee one but never owned a copy. Received Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Jane Eyre in the mail already. Slowly building my dream library. Extreme heat alert in Toronto but it just means I get to curl up in my bed reading these classics again. You can find these here.

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Underneath your skin

I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start posting some of the work I’ve done and build my portfolio section of my blog. Here’s an anatomical drawing I did of flexor tendons in your right hand. If you strip away your skin, tissue, and some fat, this is what you’d see. Essentially, those long tendons reaching to the tip of your fingers and thumb are what helps you grip objects and what bends your fingers towards your palm. (Flexor digitorun superficialis, flexor carpi radialis, flexor pollicis longus, and abductor pollicis longus) If you look at your hand (palm face up), you can see each finger appears to be separated into three sections and the thumb into two sections. The sheaths give individual control to each finger (ie. curling your index finger). If you imagine not having sheaths and bending your fingers towards your palm, you’d build up a lot of slack and bulge out underneath your skin. But these sheaths keep the tendon in place throughout its length. Hope you found that little description helpful and please do let me know what you guys think!

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Buying the same pair of shoes. At least we’re both hopeless romantics.

Graffiti Artist at Proper Reserve

Luis, friend and the man behind Esceny, making some bracelets for me.

Cute little anvil

I’ll openly admit that I’m definitely a city girl but I have no problem adventuring through the wilderness. I guess I should say I am easily adaptable to my surroundings. Finished my usual surgeries at the lab and went around gallivanting downtown with my better half. Found an amazing camera store called Lomography with all these polaroid cameras and some real old school ones. They had these cute small little fish eye cameras. On my list of purchase now. Also dropped by my friend’s store, Proper Reserve, out on Queen Street West and Spadina. He has his own line of jewellery collection called Esency. My better half purchased a few for me and I absolutely adore these bracelets.  Luis, seriously an incredible guy and friend – you should really meet him, made some new clasps on the spot for me with his signature gold feather. Can’t wait until he fully launches his new collection. This place is a serious brewery of creativity. Ghostface Killah (from Wutang) himself came and visited this store to purchase graffiti art that was made right here in the store. If that isn’t serious street cred then I don’t know what is. This post doesn’t do him or the store any justice but when his new line comes in, I’ll be sure to do a proper cover of it.

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