Fallen Angels

(Images via Look in Art and Avax News)

The Anatomy of an Angel was created by Damien Hirst back in 2008 out of carrara marble. From the back you’d mistaken it for another sculpted angel until you see the skin has been chiseled away to show the some underlying organs, bones, and muscles. The last few images here show his other collection “Myth and Legend” created in 2011. After sharks, sheep and cows in formaldehyde, he moved onto some mythical creatures. Legend, whose name immediately reminds me of Pegasus, is a winged horse that has been partly surgically flayed, showing superficial/deep muscle and bone. The other is a unicorn called Myth, with skin resected from its two legs. Not sure if these horses are still in Chatsworth, England, but I’d love to see these in person. From pictures they look eerily majestic and even more captivating with exposed tissue. I’m a major equine fan.

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