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Buying the same pair of shoes. At least we’re both hopeless romantics.

Graffiti Artist at Proper Reserve

Luis, friend and the man behind Esceny, making some bracelets for me.

Cute little anvil

I’ll openly admit that I’m definitely a city girl but I have no problem adventuring through the wilderness. I guess I should say I am easily adaptable to my surroundings. Finished my usual surgeries at the lab and went around gallivanting downtown with my better half. Found an amazing camera store called Lomography with all these polaroid cameras and some real old school ones. They had these cute small little fish eye cameras. On my list of purchase now. Also dropped by my friend’s store, Proper Reserve, out on Queen Street West and Spadina. He has his own line of jewellery collection called Esency. My better half purchased a few for me and I absolutely adore these bracelets. ¬†Luis, seriously an incredible guy and friend – you should really meet him, made some new clasps on the spot for me with his signature gold feather. Can’t wait until he fully launches his new collection. This place is a serious brewery of creativity. Ghostface Killah (from Wutang) himself came and visited this store to purchase graffiti art that was made right here in the store. If that isn’t serious street cred then I don’t know what is.¬†This post doesn’t do him or the store any justice but when his new line comes in, I’ll be sure to do a proper cover of it.

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