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Let’s Smooch


While studying anatomy I came across Alex Grey’s paintings from his Progress of the Soul Collection. He’s best known for his psychedelic and spiritual feel with his use of colours and patterns. His paintings show figures in a variety of postures including kissing, copulating, birth, praying, and death. It’s hard to not feel pulled into his intricate layers of anatomy and his use of light giving its sublime feel. Now to pull away and continue studying anatomy. Hope you felt a moment of captivation like I did.


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A Skull Study

This is a skull I drew a while back from a plastic skull model. There are a lot more parts to a human skull than the ones that I’ve labelled but I’ve highlighted the main sutures, bone structures, and foramina you’d find. Getting my hands on a human skull that is in good shape can be hard without all the missing teeth and chipped jaw parts. Will be adding this to my portfolio tab here. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Hope you all had a happy weekend!

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Comics & Medical Illustrators

Comics and Medicine Conference 2012 at the University of Toronto

Illuminate Conference 2012 – Annually hosted by the Association of Medical Illustrators at Toronto Delta Chelsea Hotel

Last month was a busy month for medical illustrators. A comics and medicine conference followed by the Illuminate conference hosted annually by the Association of Medical Illustrators. I went to both as much my work schedule permitted. During that time I didn’t start my masters yet so I literally threw myself into the pool of prominent illustrators hoping I wouldn’t drown. I think the perk of being attending these types of conferences is that everything looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. A wonderland for my eyes. That and almost everyone in the room draws or doodles in their sketchbook. It was an incredible sight since doodling would normally seem rude cause others think you’re bored to death. I think I’ve found my niche!!

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(Image via Scientific American)

This is an illustration that won the Ralph Sweet Award – Best of Show for 2009 currently being showcased at MaRS for the Association of Medical Illustrator’s annual conference in Toronto, ON. I adore horses and it’s incredible to see the intricacies of their respiratory tracts.

This week has been absolutely crazy, attending the Comics & Medicine conference followed by the Association of Medical Illustrator’s (AMI) annual conference all happening in Toronto. I have to fit it all in my normal work and volunteering hours and not to mention trying to enjoy the Beaches Jazz festival also at the Toronto Beaches. It’s a good time to be in Toronto right now. Unfortunately I can’t attend all the talks for the AMI conference but I’ve been volunteering as much as I can to submerge myself in the field. Mind you I haven’t even started my masters so sitting in some of these is way beyond my knowledge. Still, it’s amazing to be exposed to this field of medical illustrations, comics, and graphic design so early on. I’ll share with you this weekend what I’ve thought of the Comics & Medicine conference. And of course share what I can about the AMI conference as well. I’ll throw in some jazz festival pictures for those interested. Stay tuned if you please!

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