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Comics & Medical Illustrators

Comics and Medicine Conference 2012 at the University of Toronto

Illuminate Conference 2012 – Annually hosted by the Association of Medical Illustrators at Toronto Delta Chelsea Hotel

Last month was a busy month for medical illustrators. A comics and medicine conference followed by the Illuminate conference hosted annually by the Association of Medical Illustrators. I went to both as much my work schedule permitted. During that time I didn’t start my masters yet so I literally threw myself into the pool of prominent illustrators hoping I wouldn’t drown. I think the perk of being attending these types of conferences is that everything looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. A wonderland for my eyes. That and almost everyone in the room draws or doodles in their sketchbook. It was an incredible sight since doodling would normally seem rude cause others think you’re bored to death. I think I’ve found my niche!!

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(Image via Scientific American)

This is an illustration that won the Ralph Sweet Award – Best of Show for 2009 currently being showcased at MaRS for the Association of Medical Illustrator’s annual conference in Toronto, ON. I adore horses and it’s incredible to see the intricacies of their respiratory tracts.

This week has been absolutely crazy, attending the Comics & Medicine conference followed by the Association of Medical Illustrator’s (AMI) annual conference all happening in Toronto. I have to fit it all in my normal work and volunteering hours and not to mention trying to enjoy the Beaches Jazz festival also at the Toronto Beaches. It’s a good time to be in Toronto right now. Unfortunately I can’t attend all the talks for the AMI conference but I’ve been volunteering as much as I can to submerge myself in the field. Mind you I haven’t even started my masters so sitting in some of these is way beyond my knowledge. Still, it’s amazing to be exposed to this field of medical illustrations, comics, and graphic design so early on. I’ll share with you this weekend what I’ve thought of the Comics & Medicine conference. And of course share what I can about the AMI conference as well. I’ll throw in some jazz festival pictures for those interested. Stay tuned if you please!

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World AIDS Day 2011

I’m getting pretty excited for this Wednesday’s (Nov. 30th) World AIDS Day event at Hart House, Healing and Hope Through the Arts. Canadian performers Molly Johnson and D’Bi Young will share the stage with Stephen Lewis and Zambian and South African representations to show case how art can bring healing and hope to those affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. I’ll be rushing over after my test and presentation to help artists/performers get ready for the night.

WHERE: The Great Hall, Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto

WHEN: Wednesday, November 30, 2011, Doors open at 5:30 PM, Programme begins 6 PM sharp

RSVP to j.kopelow@utoronto.ca (Limited seating.)

This year I’ve been getting more involved with World AIDS Day which is annually held on December 1st. I’ve listed some things that I’ve been doing and other ways that you can support as well.


This year myself and Dignitas Youth are entering in a podcast challenge hosted by YAHAnet. Visit Dignitas Youth to listen to how we think we can help turn the tide to zero for this year’s World AIDS Day theme. We also host annually a 12-hour bike-a-thon event to continue raising funds and awareness post-World AIDS day.


Give A Day is a grassroots response to the HIV pandemic. Each Canadian is challenged to recognize World AIDS Day, December 1, by giving one day’s pay to an organization that will use the funds well in the fight against HIV/AIDS. You can see on their website how your dollars are being used to support both Dignitas International, The Stephen Lewis Foundation, as well as other participating organizations.


I had the chance to meet Kenneth Cole back in September at the Cinema Against AIDS Toronto event. He’s currently the chair of amFAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, and recently I came across his new initiative. His re-creation features the new double ribbon where 100% of the profits go to the AWEARNESS initiative to support those affected with HIV/AIDS.

(Image via Frommetoyou)


I’ll openly admit that I’m quite a caffeine fiend. I jumped on the chance when I realized that the (STARBUCKS)RED card is actually designed by Jonathan Alder and every time you use the card, Starbucks donates some money to the global fund against AIDS. You can get these at some Starbucks stores, I’ve been using mine for about 2 years now. I will admit that I would really like to know how much Starbucks has been contributing on my behalf of my card since I’ve been using quite a fair amount.


You’ll find on the Join(RED) website that there are many featured products that help support the HIV/AIDS initiative; Nike, Apple, and even Beats by Dr. Dre are on board!

Hope you will find the time to support in various ways and even come out to the event on Wednesday.

Happy weekend!



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Total Chrysler

(image via dailydoseofimagery)

A lot of film productions and photoshoots happen at our University of Toronto St. George Campus. I often have to reroute my path to class or go to another library because a shoot is happening. I recently bumped into the remake of Total Recall (remember Schwarznegger? His 1990 classic?) at our King’s College Circle. It’s going to now star Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, and Kate Beckinsale. Out August 2012!

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